Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Asya is casting for her music video 2nd February

Casting: Paid, black/mix, brown, oriental, Indian, dark caucasian, actress, 18-24 yrs
Asya Satti (invited you)

Public · By Asya Sattixxxx

  • London
  • Hi friends,

    Holding auditions for the role of Tammy in my music video. Paid work above equity
     minimum wage. Auditions held this Saturday 2nd of February central London. Female
     actor to play Tammy.

    Here's my website www.asyamusic.co.uk and here's the song

    Director: Somayeh Jafari vimeo.com/somayeh & vimeo.com/jamflicks

    Please forward and get in touch ASAP with a show-reel if you think you or
     anyone else is suitable for the role: info@asyamusic.co.uk

    Shooting 2nd and possibly a few hours on the 3rd of Feb
    Auditions: Saturday 2nd of Feb

    Background in physical theater a bonus

    Playing age: 18 to 24yrs
    Ethnicity: black/black mix, brown, dark caucasian, oriental or Indian in appearance.
    Physical characteristics: 5’7”, slim build, attractive.
    Character: youthful energy, playful, reckless, seductive. As she walks she is
    aware of her sexual power but there is a naivety and vulnerability behind it.

    Set in London and the clubbing/nightlife scene we meet two characters- Tammy
    and her beige best friend. Tammy is beautiful, reckless, aware of her sexual power
     yet innocent and naive all at once. Her charisma and confidence is to the envy of
    her best friend who wants to be less like herself and more like Tammy. There is a
    strong tension of love and jealousy that underpins the feelings Tammy’s best friend
    has towards her.
    The video follows their day together in London, shoplifting, playing in arcades, going
     to a house party, drinking and drugs. The evening events take a sinister turn when
     Tammy is put in dangerous situations by her envious best friend.