Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Asya performing at the Central Bar at Royal Festival Hall on 2nd September lunchtime

Friday 2 September 2016

Friday Lunch


Foyer Spaces

At his Friday we're at Africa Utopia for our upbeat set! 1pm and free entry xxx

Welcome to the kaleidoscopic world of Asya Satti.
Born in Stockholm to Sudanese parents, Satti was steeped in musical influences ranging from Aretha Franklin to Umm Kulthum.
Having spent her formative years travelling between Sweden, Egypt and London, Satti began writing her own songs at the age of 15. Pouring forth from the African and Middle Eastern wellsprings of her heritage, Satti’s music flows between blues and soul in alternating languages.
‘Music that is unafraid to experiment but mostly incredibly fun to dance to’ – Zeinab Badawi, chair of the Royal African Society
Central Bar at Royal Festival Hall
Free Event

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Dusty Room- Original song Acoustic music video Asya Satti

Published on 8 Jul 2014
Tune for Tuesday! A song written by myself and friend and artist Leon King subscribe if you enjoyed. Every Tuesday a new tune for you guys x

Performed by Asya Satti
Written by Asya Satti and Leon King
Guitar: Steve Ling
Videography: Simona Zinevičiūtė


Dusty Room

There's a room, lost of a view
Pictures all hang tilted and the flowers all have wilted
Dense- no breeze
Come and join me in my dusty room

There's a gentle tide touching the shore outside
But you cannot hear it cos the room won't let you near it
No one to blame come and join me in my dusty room

You might judge me
But no one judges me
More than I
More than I
Take it away from me, send it away from me, my old dusty room

Would you run and hide, or sit by my side?
Or would you tell you friends about the mess you've just been in?
I feel no shame come and join me in my dusty room

Do you have a place, where there's no time?
Where you keep your secrets my room, no one knows about mine

Can't take it away from me
Best to leave it be
This old dusty room

Chorus x2

There's a room lost of a view pictures all hang tilted and the flowers all have wilted
Dense no breeze come and join me in my dusty room